Cabrera Guitar Studio

Welcome to Cabrera Guitar Studio. I am a highly qualified music teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience. Please have a read at the information available on the website regarding the different courses on offer.

Classical Guitar Course

The classical guitar course aims to provide students a strong foundation on the basics of classical guitar technique and a practical approach to the fundamentals of musical interpretation.

Acoustic/Electric Guitar Course

The acoustic/electric guitar course will focus more on contemporary popular music in various genres. The early stages start with the basics of left hand fretting technique and strumming with a plectrum (pick) while learning simple songs with 2-4 easy chords using basic strumming patterns. At this point in the lessons, the student learns how to…

Ukulele Course

The ukulele course will teach the student all the skills necessary to play songs of different genres on the instrument. The course covers basics such as proper playing posture, tuning, chords and common strumming patterns. For the more serious students, the course can progress towards learning how to play solo ukulele instrumental music using tablature notation.

Australian Music Examinations Board

While not mandatory, the students have the option to sit for graded music examinations such as the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB).